in June – in June [Book]


in June is rooted in Jazz, melancholic folk songs, and classical art songs. The result of this synthesis, however, is far from what you’d expect it to be. From these elements, Fama M’Boup develops her very own language of a cappella music for four voices, now and then applying synthesizers or drums to finish it. in June finds expression through vocal music that has little to do with the things we think we know about this somewhat dusty genre. Neoclassical meets electronic music, spoken word meets Rilke and brutal honesty. You can also recognize
structures of contemporary pop songs – ranging from feather-light and playful to a soaring sea of roaring, agitated emotions. Last but not least, in June bridges (song) poetry and prose. The intended form of this album (in addition to the CD format and streaming of the album) is that of a bilingual, 120-page book. How does a song come to life, and where do those excerpts from the lyrics end up that didn’t make it into the recording? The texts in this book allow its readers to immerse in a world resting behind those songs.

As part of “Young Euro Classic – Klassik meets Jazz”, under the artistic direction of Clara Haberkamp, a concert of in June recorded by Deutschlandfunk Kultur was nominated for the German Jazz Prize 2022 in the category “Radio Production of the Year”.
Fama M’Boup – vocals, keys
Liv Sindler – vocals
Anna-Lucia Rupp – vocals, loops
Moritz Klatt – vocals, synth
Johann Gottschling – drums
All music written by Fama M’Boup
All lyrics by Fama M’Boup
„I sing the body electric” and Intro “A Queen”lyrics by Walt Whitman
Intro to “Nacht” lyrics by Rainer Maria Rilke, Franco Battiato & Walt Whitman

Recorded in October 2021 at Monoton Studios by Miles Deiaco
and o-cetera studios by Fama M’Boup, Liv Sindler& Anna-Lucia Rupp
Mixed by Jakob Hegner
Tape mastered by Jacob Korn at TailOut Studios
Published and Copyright by o-cetera, o-cetera.com, o-cetera004, 2022
Artwork by Jacob Stoy
Photos by Micha Steinwachs
Editing by Catherine Sanke
Translation by Fonger Huisman

„Supported by Initiative Musik gGmbH with project funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media.“

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