Olicía – The Frame [Digital]


“The Frame” is the first of a series of collaborative singles with artists from other disciplines. It is Olicía’s result of collaborating with Hamburg based designer and generative artist Gunther Kleinert, who in return created a graphic artwork based on audio signals converted into visual structures and amending them with pigmented ink. “The Frame” has unconventional melody lines, long arcs, an angularity inspired by visual expressions, and slight traces of 90ies Grunge transferred into Olicía’s aesthetic universe of voices, loops, analogue synths and acoustic guitar.

“We were thinking about, what it would be like to climb across the frame and into a painting – slight tendencies of Alice in her colorful wonderland, escape from daily routine into a song, walking around the corner and finding yourself with a completely new perspective of your once-familiar surroundings”, is how Fama M’Boup describes Olicía’s approach to the song.

“The Frame”
 40 x 53 cm
Fine Art Giclée Print on Paper
Limited Edition of 30
numbered and signed
Certificate of authenticity included


OUT OF THE BLUE will be a cycle of songs and corresponding works of art that are born from dialogue – from conversation and exchange between the two musicians in Olicía and artists in other genres, such as painting, fashion, dance, literature, film making, design, or arts and crafts. The works are gradually developed, ping-ponged back and forth, playfully shaped into their final form. Learning and borrowing from one another in the process – adapting strategies, materials, structures, or approaches. From an exchange of ideas and sentiments and their – at times – vague and fuzzy articulations into dots and notes, shapes and chords, textures, patterns, configurations, and designs. In the end, the result will be two separate works of art, existing on equal footing, sharing the same seed, still conversing with one another, complementing o

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