Olicía & Malene Glintborg – Warrioress Ring V4 [Ring & Digital Download]


“Warrioress” is the fifth work to be released within Olicía’s “Out of the Blue” cycle – two individual works of art created from an exchange of ideas and practices. It results from the collaboration with jewellery designer and goldsmith Malene Glintborg in Copenhagen, Denmark.

“Warrioress” is an epic, building song based on percussive samples from Malene’s workshop – drills, hammering noises and soldering – but also keys, synths, and shruti box that lay out a field for the voices of Fama M’Boup and Anna-Lucia Rupp.

“Warrioress” is also the title of a collection of jewellery designed by Malene Glintborg in the process: a whole series of pieces that can be worn in combination with one another or individually. Multiple rings, stud earrings, ear cuffs, a necklace trinket. In conjunction, they create the impression of an armor. In the same way the songs unfolds by adding new elements layer by layer, loop by loop into “the dance of the warrioress”.

Malene Glintborg describes her process as follows: “From the concept of sound waves came the idea of sculpting something fluent and moving yet controlled. The wax I initially work in, has the soft running character, but when cast in silver it hardens – almost like an armor or shield. The merge between body and art piece has always been a scope in my design. Olicía capture this in the lyrics. Like an armor the jewelry has to fit the anatomy of the body.”

“Jewelry can be like an armor,” Fama adds, “or it can be an amulet, that protects us from bad charms, that strengthens us. It might even unite us with our ancestors by wearing inherited pieces, that seem to have soaked up several lives already and are now accompanying you in yours.”

The resulting song as well as the pieces of jewellery display an almost archaic, ceremonial quality that is also reflected in the rising intensity of the music – a ritualistic dance with a transformative quality just like the physical, visual transformation of putting on the jewellery that, as Anna-Lucia puts it, possesses “the ability to make me a more expressive person, to release a playful yet steadfast strength. In a way both, the song and the art pieces, convey an idea of power, of the unfolding of unimagined forces.”



Jewellery by Malene Glintborg
Rings | Earrings | necklace – to be combined
Sterling silver *polished
Handmade upon order – ships within four weeks
ring sizes: 52 | 54 | 56 – other possible sizes upon request
Open edition


OUT OF THE BLUE is a cycle of songs and corresponding works of art that are born from dialogue – from conversation and exchange between the two musicians in Olicía and artists in other genres, such as painting, fashion, dance, literature, film making, design, or arts and crafts. The works are gradually developed, ping-ponged back and forth, playfully shaped into their final form. Learning and borrowing from one another in the process – adapting strategies, materials, structures, or approaches. From an exchange of ideas and sentiments and their – at times – vague and fuzzy articulations into dots and notes, shapes and chords, textures, patterns, configurations, and designs. In the end, the result will be two separate works of art, existing on equal footing, sharing the same seed, still conversing with one another, complementing one another, or simply exploring the same ideas while venturing out into opposite directions.

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